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Philips P72029 Review

Customer reviews for Philips P72029


Category: Electronics

Brand: Philips

Model: P72029

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days.

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Philips P72029 Review by LazarusRise

Purchased Philips Screen cleaning gel for plasma & LCD ($10 at Walmart). No matter how many times I re-applied or wiped, there were streaks at the end of the job. I'm a fan of Philips, but they fell short here IMHO. Maybe it works fine on Plasmas but on my Sony Bravia, it sucked. :-(

Philips P72029 Review by The beholder "*z0s0*"

Dont bother with the more expensive stuff and pre-moistened wipes streak.

My flat panels didnt look this good since i bought them.

Philips P72029 Review by Greg "greg19444" (Lafayette Hill, PA United States)

Used to use Monster iClean but noticed it left my Apple iMac with a large amount of smudge on the glass. Gave this a try and it cleaned with no residue at all. Highly recommended.

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Philips P72029::Description

6.75 oz, Big Screen TV Cleaner. Dripless formula, alcohol free is perfect for your plasma, LCD and CRT screens. Includes Microfiber cloth

Philips P72029 : Limited time only!

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Best Zune Home AV Reviews

Customer reviews for Zune Home AV


Category: Electronics

Brand: Zune

Model: Home AV

Availability: Ships FREE within 48 hours.

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Zune Home AV Review by Terry Topp "Zuning Daily" (San Diego, CA)

I received the Zune Home A/V Pack about two weeks ago and was so excited to connect my television up to my Zune. The first problem was I own a Zune 2 80gb and nowhere in the two pamphlets that came with the Home A/V Pack state that it will not fit. I had to remove the insert just to connect the Zune. This leave the only support for the Zune is the connector. This is not very durable in my opinion.

However, the Home A/V stand did connect easily to my television. Excellent picture quality as long as the video source is good to begin with. The remote has good range and is easy to use. The only way the remote could be better would be if it had the same touch button on the Zune. The footprint of the base is very small and has a holder for the remote.

Since the A/V Pack does not seem to be made for the Zune 2 80gb I had to return it. I am planning on purchasing the Home A/V Pack 2 hopefully that will fit my Zune.

Easy Setup
Remote is small and simple to use with excellent range
Base has small footprint
Great picture depending on source

Limited support documents or manuals
Short A/V cables with large connectors that can stress television inputs
Does not auto detect being connected and send display to television
No extra inserts to support Zune 2 80gb

I would recommend the Zune Home A/V Pask to anyone as long as the did not have a Zune 2 80gb.

Zune Home AV Review by D. Castaneda (Acworth, GA)

It also works with the Zune 80. You just remove the plastic cover. The remote controls all the functions of the zune perfectly. For $20, this is definitely a great deal for any zune user. All the accessories in this pack can be used with the new zunes.

Zune Home AV Review by toedtoes "toedtoes"

I just bought two of these to go with my new 80gb Zune (which is wonderful). I was hesitant about buying them as I kept reading the docking station isn't compatible with the 80gb Zune. It is.

When you get the docking station, you will notice a small slit on the inside wall of the remote slot. Slip a knife or screwdriver into the slot slightly and pull up. The mirror cover pops off. Underneath it is solid black so it doesn't look like you took it apart. Without the cover, the Zune slot is big enough to fit the 80gb Zune perfectly.

The only thing that is different than using the Docking Station v2 is that the video connection is composite rather than component. If that doesn't matter, you'll get more bang for the buck by buying this version.

My second docking station and remote will be used in the car with a car charger and hookup to the stereo - just pop in the Zune and go.

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Zune Home AV::Description

Zune Home A/V Pack

Zune Home AV : Limited time offer!

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Consumer Tiffen 46812 Reviews

Product reviews for Tiffen 46812


Category: Electronics

Brand: Tiffen

Model: 46812

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

List Price : N/A


Read Tiffen 46812 User Reviews

Tiffen 46812 Review by

I bought this even though a sales person in photography store said it wouldn't make much of a difference. I actually do see a big difference. It brings out the color so beautifully. I've had people comment on the colors in my photographs before they know I had put this filter on. I keep it on my camera most of the time now.

Tiffen 46812 Review by Sail Away

High quality filter. Creates warmer (as per the name) look in many images. My wife loves how it helps her pale skin tone look a little more brown and lifelike. I leave it on my camera lens all the time.

A filter is one of those things that is very personal opinion. Try it for yourself - if you like it, keep it. If not, return it. I like mine. Some are cheap and use cheaper glass. This one seems good.

Tiffen 46812 Review by E. Doherty (Fort Mill, SC)

This filter not only protects my lens, it makes my pictures more vibrant. I notice the biggest change when I photograph flesh.

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Tiffen 46812::Description

This exclusive Tiffen warming filter improves skin tones and is ideal for portraits taken on a cloudy day or outdoors, in shade on a sunny day.

Tiffen 46812 : Limited time offer!

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Tags: Best Tiffen 46mm 812 Warming Filter rates

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Discount LG SBPL0083701 Best deals!

Today Offer, Buy LG SBPL0083701 Cheapest

You can buy it here ! Our shop offers the best thing for you here. Shop best deals of LG SBPL0083701 You can buy it now with special price in stock , best price LG SBPL0083701 for sale fast shipping in usa only and might get free shipping service.. Read more...

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Category: Wireless Phone Accessory

Brand: LG

Model: SBPL0083701

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

List Price : N/A

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LG SBPL0083701 Product reviews

LG SBPL0083701 Review by S. Oconnell "stlcartridgeguy" (St louis)

The extra life it provides is great. but it is too big and protrudes from the back of the phone. This prevents many of the covers for this phone from fitting. It also makes it awkward to use while sitting flat on its battery side. If not for those 2 little problems I would give it 5 stars hands down.

LG SBPL0083701 Review by Donna Bickl

The battery was new and very inexpensive. I am very pleased with the battery. Shipment received in about 1 week as stated in advertisment.

LG SBPL0083701 Review by Timothy J. Flynn "TFlynn" (Scotch Grove, IA United States)

Before getting this battery I had the stock battery for a year and a half. I plugged it in every night and towards the end I couldn't even make 1 call on full charge. I got this one, and charged it once, and I don't charge it unless it is completely dead. It lasts a WEEK!!! Very happy!

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LG OEM Extended Capacity Black Battery for the LG VX8500 Chocolate - SBPL0083701 Description

Replacement batteries provide a backup power source and also give you the opportunity to increase usage time. This extended lithium-ion battery will ensure optimum performance from your handset. Compatible with the LG CHOCOLATE and the other models listed below.

  • Lithium Ion battery

  • Always have a backup power source at your fingertips

  • 1200 mAH of power for excellent battery life

  • Dramatically increase usage time

  • Also compatible with the LG VX8500

  • Item Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 2 inches; 0 pounds

  • Brand: LG

  • Model: SBPL0083701

  • Product Type: Wireless Phone Accessory

...

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Lowest Price Pioneer SE-NC31C-K On Sale!

Best Offer, Buy Pioneer SE-NC31C-K

How To Save Up To 70% OFF Pioneer SE-NC31C-K On Today Sales

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K On sale!: Get it now and get special offers!


Category: Electronics

Brand: Pioneer

Model: SE-NC31C-K

Availability: Product availability may differ by country. In Stock (USA)

List Price : N/A

Special Prices: Check Special Offers !!!

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Reviews

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Review by LioChan

I recently purchased the Pioneer headphones as a way to get through long flights without my head hurting from all the noise.
I had an opportunity to try it out as I was on a 10 hour flight from US to Europe. The jack built into my seat was broken, so I
couldn't listen to the airplanes music stations but I turned on the noise canceling anyway. I was very efficient, allowing me to sleep
for a few hours (which I usually can't in a noisy environment). The only thing that is missing for me in this product is that I feel
the sound quality when listening to music should be better for the money.

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Review by Y. Siow (chicago, il, usa)

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Review by Ron

I use them for in ear speaker Monitors When I play in our band. They work very well for keepin out crowd noise, and hot guitar players. No they do not eliminate all of the noise, but they work a lot better than the $109.00 Shures I bought. I am very pleased with my purchase. Ron

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Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Headphones, Black Description

Enjoy every detail of your favorite entertainment with the noise cancellingSE-NC31C-K ear bud headphones. Perfect for flying or other environments where certain ambient noise takes away from your entertainment, the SE-NC31C-K ear bud headphones provide up to 90%1 noise cancellation (measured at 300hz). Also featuring large 14.3 mm drivers and 4 different ear tip sizes for a custom fit, the SE-NC31C-K delivers dynamic performance in a compact design.

  • Ultra-long 120 hour battery life

  • Active noise cancellation removes 90% of ambient noise

  • Includes carrying pouch, 4 ear tip sizes, 1 AAA battery and in-flight plug adapter

  • Item Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 inches; 0 pounds

  • Brand: Pioneer

  • Model: SE-NC31C-K

  • Product Type: Electronics

...

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Best Offer Sony 25DPR85LS1

Buy Sony 25DPR85LS1 Low price

How To Save Up To 70% OFF Sony 25DPR85LS1 Daily Deal on


Category: Electronics

Brand: Sony

Model: 25DPR85LS1

Availability: In Stock

List Price : N/A

Daily Deal on: Check Special Offers !!!

Consumer Sony 25DPR85LS1 information

Sony 25DPR85LS1 Review by A. Iosue "A. Iosue"

I'm dubbing 8mm tapes from a sony GV-D200 video walkman to a sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 using this DVD+R DLs. From 12 DVDs recorded, 1 didn't finalized and 3 of them freez the picture near same time, in this case at 1 hour 55 min xx sec. This DVDs can record up to 215 min in SP mode. 25% of this DVDs, at the moment didn't work. Waste of time and more wear to the 8mm tapes for a new recording. Defective manufacture process.

Sony 25DPR85LS1 Review by C. Ho (New Haven, CT)

I have a Dell Laptop (XPS M1330) with a built-in DVD burner and use Imgburn as the software. I used to have no problem with Memorex's DVD DL until recently, when almost all the discs I bought were un-burnable. Then due to the good reviews, I switched over to Verbatim, which usually burns fine, but whenever I playback the DVD's, I'll almost always have problems at the transition point between the first and second layer, or at some points in the middle of the second layer. So then I give Sony a try, and so far with a decent success rate (All successfully burned DVD's also played fine). I did have some discs that couldn't be burned, so the reliability is not 100%. But in my case, I had better experience with Sony than Verbatim or Memorex.

Sony 25DPR85LS1 Review by LEFA (Fairfax,VA USA)

I burned 10 of these discs in quick succession (data mode, no movies) and I did not lose any disks. Takes approximately 1 hour to burn and verify job integrity (2.4x speed). All 8.5 Gb of data are available, as advertised. My only concern is the high price, but I certainly got what I paid for. Try to buy in a promotion, if you can.

More Reviews...

Sony 25DPR85LS1::Description

Now you can create, edit and archive home movies and digital photos while storing and accessing data from one disc. DVD-R discs capture all digital data brilliantly, and are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files. Using DVD-R for one-time recording is a relatively inexpensive way to store data and prevent accidental erasure.

Sony 25DPR85LS1:
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Sale a day Amzer AMZ20651 Discount

Today Offer on Amzer AMZ20651 Sale!Cheap

How To Save Up To 70% OFF Amzer AMZ20651 On Sale a day


Category: Wireless Phone Accessory

Brand: Amzer

Model: AMZ20651

Availability: Ships FREE within 48 hours.

List Price : N/A

Discount: Check Price Here!

Amzer AMZ20651 Customer reviews

Amzer AMZ20651 Review by paul caltagerone (DANVILLE, KENTUCKY, US)

I have a 2008 Volkswagen GTI and the vent mount fits perfect, there is no play it fits very snug and looks clean, the iphone pops in place very easily and stays secure and easily pops out when you want to remove it, recommend it to anyone.

Amzer AMZ20651 Review by Terry J. Malone (Michigan USA)

It was a present for my neice and she seems to enjoy it. The brackets fit correct and snug. You do have to take off any covers for it to fit though, but not a problem.

Amzer AMZ20651 Review by William A. Warren (Atlanta, GA)

This is a good option for a generic vent mount for the iPhone. I used it on two cars within 2 days of receipt, and it worked very well. The clip is the right balance of tight fit with removable, temporary installation. I am glad I took the chance on this one, and definitely recommend this to friends and anyone looking for a good product for a good price.

More Reviews...

Amzer Swiveling Air Vent Mount for iPhone 1G and 3G/3GS - Black::Description

In car air vents are ideally located, exactly in your sightline. so why not mount your mobile phone here? Well now you can with Amzer’s Swiveling Air Vent Mount for any and all of your iPhones. Place your iPhone into the Custom Fit Cradle, attach the cradle to the adjustable Air Vent Mount and secure the Mount to your horizontal air vents. The pedestal features a ball and socket mechanism that rotates your device for the perfect viewing position and will lock into place. This mount is easily removed, and when used properly, will not damage your car’s air vents. Safety first. With Amzer’s Swiveling Air Vent Mount for your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G or the original iPhone!

Amzer AMZ20651:Buy today for save more!
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Tags: Amzer Swiveling Air Vent Mount for iPhone 1G and 3G/3GS - Black On Sale! Free Shipping!

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